Temperament &
Ekipa - Transmisje na żywo. Zdjęcia i filmy z dronów w jakości 4K. Zdjęcia lotnicze. Realizacja filmów i fotorelacji z wydarzeń. Obsługa wydarzeń.

Our team

We are a group of friendly artists with a passion for telling stories;
history of people, places and events …

Destiny of colors

Each of us sees the world in slightly different colors, we will make sure that this immortalized by us coincides with your expectations. We are perfectionists, connoisseurs of shots, we care for every detail that makes up the final result of our work. We run our own projects, we support social campaigns, charity campaigns and we cooperate with local media. Above all, we value the satisfaction and trust of our clients.

It’s our job, but above all passion, that’s why we constantly improve the qualifications of our team, we are developing dynamically and we are not going to slow down!

We also support emergency services in their operations and rescue search operations.

The company has a license (UAVO qualification certificate) whose obligation to possess results from art. 95 paragraph 2 points 5a of the Act of July 3, 2002. Aviation Law Dz. U. of 2013 item 1393. A license issued by the Polish Civil Aviation Office on the terms set out in Annex 6 to the Ordinance of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy of March 26, 2013, which is obligatory to perform VLOS flights by unmanned vehicles for purposes other than recreational and Sports.